Rockstars series

The sound quality of the equipment used to listen to music is of paramount importance. In fact, it is not only the structure and texture of the music that communicate the emotions transcribed in the score, nor is it just the panache, sensitivity and skill of the musicians: the quality of the sound is fundamental to allow the music to flow effortlessly to our ears, our brain and our heart, with its content of details, nuances, small variations of timbre and intensity, as well as with its dynamic variations and, last but not least, its three-dimensional organization in the space in front of us.

An audio device that provides a flat, boring rendition of the recorded musical event, one in which details are lost, dynamics are flattened and the sound image lacks depth, well, such a device will not be able to convey emotion, transforming a emotional experience in a mere brain exercise that will bore the listener after a few minutes.

That’s why our Rockstars series products are primarily made to thrill, delivering the entire musical event to the listener, with all its details, dynamic changes and with a 3D positioning of each instrument and singer as in the original event.

It is possible to compose a complete hi-fi system with Rockstars series products, the user only needs to provide a turntable, one or more digital sources (including a computer) and two speakers.

Discover the series

Young MkIV

Convertitore digitale-analogico ad alta risoluzione e preamplificatore.


Preamplificatore fono MM/MC.


Amplificatore di potenza in classe D ad alta risoluzione.

Van der Graaf MkII

Alimentazione a bassissimo rumore.


Crossover elettronico analogico.

Marley MkII

Amplificatore per cuffie ad alte prestazioni.


Amplificatore di potenza monoblocco in classe A.


Preamplificatore ad altissime prestazioni.

Joplin MkIII

Convertitore analogico-digitale con phono.