Classic series

High fidelity has a history spanning several decades. In this period, every now and then a product stood out among many others for its sound performance that surpassed that of the other products in its category, or for particular technological innovations that then made school.

Many enthusiasts are still looking for these devices, only to discover that, even if they were outstanding objects of their time, they  no longer hold a candle to more recent products in terms of sound view.

Nevertheless, many audiophiles still find themselves in the way of using these devices, which have perhaps accompanied them on a daily basis for a long period of their existence: simple devices, with immediate use, a time when there was no Internet, no smartphone and it was almost unthinkable to listen to music from a computer.

With the Classic series, M2Tech is primarily aimed at these enthusiasts, with devices for traditional use but with a very modern sound, simple and intuitive products capable of providing an up-to-date sound quality while not forgetting the canonical structure of the hi-fi system of the past.

But even youngsters or those who, without fear, have approached modern technologies, will discover that the products of the M2Tech Classic series are perfectly able to integrate with the IT infrastructures now present in all of our homes.

With the Classic series, M2Tech returns to “human” high fidelity, within everyone’s reach.

Discover the series

Classic Integrated Amplifier

Amplificatore integrato con phono.

Classic DAC/renderer

High resolution digital-to-analogue converter with network connection.