Tosh Rev.b

Balanced line preamplifier

The irreplaceable heart of a quality Hi-Fi system

The preamplifier is the heart of the system, as well as the component whose performance most significantly influences some parameters of the Hi-Fi system: transparency, detail, dynamic boost at low levels. Furthermore, the preamplifier acts as a link between the sources and the power amplifiers.

The increase in performance of an M2Tech system, when the Tosh Rev.b is inserted between the Young MkIV DAC (which is also equipped with a preamplification section) and the power amplifiers in class A Larson says a lot about the importance of the preamplifier: not always “less is more”.

The Tosh Rev.b is a preamplifier for high level sources only (those who own a turntable can use the Nash Rev.b to connect it between the turntable and the Tosh Rev.b preamplifier) , with totally balanced circuitry with discrete components, borrowed from that of the Marley Rev.b headphone amplifier and adapted for driving high impedance users (the inputs of power amplifiers).

It is equipped with three single-ended inputs on RCA connectors (whose signal is converted to balanced via a special circuit) and three balanced inputs on 7-pole composite connectors ( one per channel) to which the two supplied adapter cables are applied, each equipped with three 3-pole female XLR connectors.

Provides the output signal in both single-ended format on RCA connectors and in balanced format on XLR connectors.

The Tosh Rev.b uses two MUSES 72320 integrated resistor network attenuators for volume control, the best on the market. They also allow balance control (+/-6 dB) and muting (-20 dB).

All circuits on the audio path are powered via a dual discrete component regulator designed by M2Tech featuring very low background noise. This allows us to achieve incredible signal/noise ratio performances (up to 130 dBA) which make the Tosh Rev.b absolutely transparent to the signal (gain aside) and allow it to transfer the musical message intact in its dynamic components to the power amplifiers and with all its details.

Its very low output impedance makes the Tosh Rev.b insensitive to the parameters of the signal cable used to connect it to the power amplifier. Its maximum output voltage of 8.6 Vrms on the single-ended output and 17.3 Vrms on the balanced output allows it to better drive even the least sensitive power amplifier.

A trigger output allows the Tosh Rev.b to automatically turn on a power amplifier connected to it.

The Tosh Rev.b can be controlled via the front panel encoder and via the supplied infrared remote control.

The Tosh Rev.b gives its best together with…

High resolution Class-D power amplifier.
Class A monoblock power amplifier.



Frequency Response:

5Hz to above 80kHz, +0/-1.5dB (Vin = 2 Vrms, volume = 0 dB and -20 dB)

Residual noise:

4 uVrms (balanced – 20 Hz-20 kHz, volume = -85 dB)
3 uVrms (single-ended – 20 Hz-20 kHz, volume = -85 dB)


4.30 (12.6 dB – single-ended -> single-ended)
8.65 (18.7 dB – single-ended -> balanced)
2.15 (6.7 dB – balanced -> single-ended)
4.30 (12.6 dB – balanced -> balanced)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:

130 dBA (single-ended -> single-ended)
122 dBA (single-ended -> balanced)
111 dBA (balanced -> single-ended)
126 dBA (balanced -> balanced)


0,005 % (single-ended -> single-ended)
0.003 % (single-ended -> balanced)
0.004 % (balanced -> single-ended)
0.003 % (balanced -> balanced)


-104 dB (R->L), -105 dB (L->R) single-ended -> single-ended
-101 dB (R->L), -110 dB (L->R) single-ended -> balanced
-94 dB (R->L), -110 dB (L->R) balanced-> single-ended
-106 dB (R->L), -111 dB (L->R) balanced -> balanced

Inputs and Outputs


3x single-ended stereo (RCA)
1x balanced stereo composite (7P XLR => 3 x balanced stereo to female XLR via supplied adapters)


single-ended stereo (RCA)
balanced stereo (XLR)
trigger (3.5mm jack)


Dimensions and Weight


200x200x50 mm (ExDxH)


net 2 kg (including ancillaries)
gross 2.5 kg


Maximum output voltage:

8.60 Vrms (single-ended, Vin = 2 Vrms, volume = 0 dB)
17.3 Vrms (balanced, Vin = 2 Vrms, volume = 0 dB)
12 VDC (trigger)

Supply voltage:

15 VDC

Power consumption:

4.5 VA
0.25 VA (standby)