Who we are

M2Tech was founded in 2007 by Nadia Marino and Marco Manunta as a consultancy and electronic design studio.
Immediately engaged in the audio field, as a natural consequence of the founders’ passion for quality music reproduction, in 2009 it released the first product under its own brand, the hiFace high-performance digital audio interface for computers.
It is an immediate and overwhelming success that brings M2Tech to international prominence.
Other successful products soon followed, such as the Young 384/32 DAC, the first consumer digital/analog converter to allow the conversion of 384 kHz sampled files via an asynchronous USB connection to the computer.
Over the years, M2Tech has reached numerous technological achievements in the audio field and has proposed innovative and original products (such as the Joplin analogue-to-digital converter with phono preamplifier function or the Mitchell programmable analogue electronic crossover) which exemplify the company’s approach to the design of audio reproduction equipment.
Today, M2Tech is a company that enjoys great prestige worldwide and which, in addition to marketing a complete line of products under its own brand, offers consultancy and technical and production support to numerous Italian and foreign hi-fi product manufacturers.
M2Tech is based in the beautiful Italian city of Pisa.

The company and the people behind it

What about us?
We are a group of people who love music and the best way to reproduce it, because there is no emotion without quality.
We are passionate about technique and the goals that its wise use allows us to achieve in sound reproduction. We are as passionate about a well-designed circuit as we are about a perfect orchestral performance or a fiery live rock performance.
We are convinced that the only way to correctly design a music reproduction device is to know well the music it will be called upon to reproduce. Otherwise design becomes a sterile exercise in style.
We like to do things in an original way. Despite the awareness of being dwarfs on the shoulders of the giants who preceded us, we have the presumption of wanting to see things our way and propose different solutions – better ones? – of those already in circulation.
Otherwise there is no fun.
We are a group of friends who love to meet and discuss, but also to share passions and commitment.
In every M2Tech product you can find a little bit of us and of our passion!
Many of us are musicians or singers: we make music, we don’t just listen to it.
Making equipment for music reproduction is the natural consequence of our passions.
We like to do things the Italian way: better.
We are genetically unable to compromise, we always strive to achieve the best result within a budget, very often exceeding the budget itself.
Try any of our products and you will understand what we mean.

Fernando Marco Manunta
Nadia Marino
Fabio Elia
Roberto Martini