Marley MkII

Headphones amplifier

The intimacy of Hi-Fi pleasure

The Marley MkII is a high-performance headphones amplifier packed with everything you need
for first-class headphone listening.

Its low-noise discrete component design with FET input delivers crystal-clear power to any headphones.
The total absence of background noise, even with the most sensitive headphones, is guaranteed by a very low noise dual regulator.
Up to 10Vrms of max output voltage (20Vrms at the balanced output) allow each model of headphones to express themselves at their best.

The Marley MkII is very versatile: apart from the availability of unbalanced and balanced inputs, it features a three-band tone control
to allow the user to match the frequency response of the Marley MkII to that of his headphones on his or her ear. Tone control can be turned off.
Even old stereo recordings (affected by the so-called “ping pong effect” caused by excessive channel separation) can be made more enjoyable by activating the cross-feed circuit.
Perfect match with each type of headphone is also achieved by selecting the output impedance between Lo-Z, 10 Ohm and 47 Ohm.
A recorder output and a pre-out (duplicating the unbalanced output on RCA connectors on the rear panel) allow you to use the Marley MkII as a true preamplifier.

The Marley MkII can be operated by front panel controls, IR remote control and an app (available for both iOS and Android) via the Bluetooth Low Energy interface listed is equipped.


Download the Android or iOS app to control the Marley MkII from

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Il Marley è un ampli cuffie estremamente preciso e dettagliato, veloce nei transienti, ma al contempo dotato di bassi di qualità...
The Marley is an extremely precise and detailed headphone amp, fast in transients, but at the same time endowed with quality bass...
La valutazione complessiva dell’apparecchio in questione è però altamente positiva, anche in relazione al miglioramento di molti aspetti legati alla realizzazione, ad un approccio “filosofico” meno estremo e più consono all’utilizzo frequente...
However, the overall assessment of the device in question is highly positive, also in relation to the improvement of many aspects related to the construction, to a less extreme ``philosophical`` approach and more suited to frequent use...
Marley MkII, without any question, is a high-end headphone amplifier.....
If you want to listen to music well and don't want to sacrifice a lot of space for a hi- fi system, you can hardly avoid the Rockstars series by Marco Manunta from Manunta Audio....

The Marley MkII does its best together with…

Van Der Graaf MkII
Low noise power supply to reach higher peaks of sound quality.
Young MkIV
Very high resolution digital-to-analog converter and preamplifier.




5V (trigger)

Input impedance:

47 kOhms (single-ended)
20 kOhms (balanced)

Output impedance:

Lo-Z/10 Ohms/47 Ohms (selectable)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:

110 dBA (single-ended)
113 dBA (balanced)


0.0008% @ 9 Vrms output into 8 Ohms (single-ended)

Tone controls:

+/-12dB in 1dB steps



Inputs and Outputs


2 x single-ended (RCA)
balanced (XLR)
trigger (3.5mm jack)


single-ended headset (6.35mm jack)
balanced headphones (4-pin XLR female)
recorder (RCA)
preamplifier (RCA)
trigger (3,5mm jack)


Dimensions and Weight


200x200x50mm (WxDxH)


net 2.0kg (including ancillaries)
gross 2.5kg


Output voltage before clipping:

9 Vrms (8 Ohms, Lo-Z)
10 Vrms (300 Ohms, Lo-Z)

Supply voltage:

15 VDC or +15 VDC/-15 VDC/+5 VDC via Van Der Graaf MkII power supply

Power consumption:

33W (9 Vrms into 8 Ohms single-ended)
0,5W (standby)