Classic Integrated Amplifier

Stereo integrated amplifier

Everything you need for listening to music, nothing else

The Classic Integrated Amplifier is a stereophonic integrated amplifier designed to be the heart of a Hi-Fi system. Just add a source and a pair of loudspeakers.

Accepts four high-level sources, such as DAC, CD player, tuner, recorder and TV, one of which with a balanced connection, plus a turntable. The input for the turntable, if not needed, can be transformed into another high-level input by simply acting on a switch located on the rear panel.

Drives a pair of loudspeakers and stereo headphones. In addition, it is equipped with a preamplified output to drive an active subwoofer, or for a more performing power amp than the internal one, or again to associate a second amp to the internal amp to implement the passive bi-amplification of the speakers.

It is equipped with an infrared remote control and a WiFi interface through which it can be controlled from any smartphone thanks to the free app provided by M2Tech on Apple Store and Google Play.< /p>

The Classic Integrated Amplifier is designed for music. Its power circuit is structured in such a way as to accommodate the dynamic behavior of the musical program, consisting of a series of short impulsive peaks interspersed with longer interludes at a medium-low level. Think of drums or singing. For this reason, against a continuous power output of 60Wrms per channel on 8 Ohm and 100Wrms per channel on 4 Ohm, the Classic Integrated Amplifier is able to supply a dynamic power of 155Wrms per channel on 8 Ohm and up to 240Wrms per channel into 4 Ohms! Simply put, the Classic Integrated Amplifier costs, consumes and heats up like a 50W amplifier but sounds like a 150W one. Not bad, is it?

Il Classic Amp does its best together with…

Classic DAC/Renderer
Very high resolution digital-to-analogue converter




230 mVrms (line inputs)
5 mVrms (MM phono input)
0,6 mVrms (MC phono input)
9-15 V (trigger)

Input impedance:

47 kOhm (single-ended)
20 kOhm (balanced)

Signal-to-noise ratio:

105 dBA (60 Wrms output power on 8 Ohms, line)
85 dBA (60 Wrms output power on 8 Ohms, MM phono)
75 dBA (60 Wrms output power on 8 Ohms, MC phono)


0.02% (1 kHz, 60 Wrms output power on 8 Ohms)

Inputs and Outputs


1 phono MM / phono MC / line level (RCA)
3 single-ended line level (RCA)
1 balanced line level (XLR)
1 trigger (3.5mm jack)


speakers (posts)
preamplifier (RCA)
trigger (3.5mm jack)


Dimensions and weight


420x313x120mm (WxDxH)


net 15,0 kg (with ancillaries)
gross 18 kg


Continuous output power before clipping:

60 Wrms per channel (stereo, 8 Ohm)
100 Wrms per channel (stereo, 4 Ohm)

Dynamic output power:

155 Wrms per channel (stereo, 8 Ohm)
240 Wrms per channel (stereo, 4 Ohm)

Dynamic headroom:

4,2dB (stereo, 8 Ohm and 4 Ohm)

Supplt voltage:

110-130 VAC or 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption:

225 VA
0,1 VA (standby)