Young MkIV Rev.b


The perfect control unit for your Hi-Fi system

The Young MkIV Rev.b is a very high quality digital/analog converter. It converts the digital signal coming from your digital sources into the analog format, which is the one accepted by amplifiers and speakers.

It is also much more: it is in fact equipped with an output section with an integrated resistor network volume control and gain buffer which, together with the analogue input which the Young MkIV is also equipped with, make it a real preamplifier capable of directly driving a power amplifier.

Whatever your needs or technical choices, the functions and performance of the Young MkIV Rev.b make it an ideal choice for high-quality sounding Hi-Fi systems engaging.

It features a full range of digital input connections, including a USB 2.0 port and a PS Audio format I2S port, through which you can connect to the Young MkIV Rev. b any digital source. The analog input allows you to connect an analog source, such as the Nash Rev.b phono preamplifier, a tape recorder or a radio to the Young MkIV Rev.b.

Its single-ended and balanced outputs allow it to be connected to any amplifier. Thanks to the ability to provide up to 5 Vrms on the single-ended output and 10 Vrms on the balanced output, the Young MkIV Rev.b can drive even low-sensitivity power amplifiers without problems. The headphone output on the front panel allows for high-quality headphone listening.

It is equipped with an infrared remote control through which it can be controlled.

It is designed with great attention to the quality of signal transfer and with sound quality in mind first and foremost. Its USB interface is galvanically isolated from the computer’s USB bus and is powered by a local power supply internal to the DAC. This prevents possible noise from the computer from affecting the sound quality. The output stages that transfer the signal from the conversion integrated circuit to the analogue outputs make use of very high level components: film capacitors, anti-inductive resistors, low noise opamps for audio use. The section that generates the fundamental clocks for the conversion is made with very low phase noise quartz oscillators powered by a dedicated regulator, also very low noise.

The Young MkIV Rev.b supports PCM format from 44.1 kHz to 768 kHz, with resolution from 16 bit to 32 bit. It also supports the DSD format from 64x to 512x natively and from 64x to 256x DoP.

Recognizes and decodes MQA© encoding on all wired inputs.

M2Tech has adopted MQA to support Master quality playback and streaming. MQA is an innovative coding algorithm that captures the original quality of the Master sound; ‘fold’ the file into a smaller size for easy streaming or downloading; and authenticates the file when played on an MQA-enabled device.
M2Tech recognizes the sonic and technical advantages of MQA, so all M2Tech DAC products will include MQA in their format decoding pool.
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The digital/analog converter M2Tech Young MkIV from the Italian high-end forge M2Tech has an insider tip status for a reason!...
The Young MkIV was in and out of the system over an extended period of months, which is not the best way to analyse a product but the fact that I kept going back to it is a sign that it worked well, neither did it have any sonic or operational foibles that got in the way of enjoying the music...
Lo Young MkIV è il centro nevralgico per il vostro sistema audio. L’M2TECH YOUNG MKIV è in grado di funzionare come DAC, preamplificatore linea, amplificatore cuffie, ricevitore Bluetooth e molto altro ancora.......
The Young MkIV pre-amplifier is supplied as standard with a wall mounted power supply however for optimum performance and as supplied can be paired with the matching Van der Graaf power supply....
The first impression you get from this set is the modesty, simplicity and good taste of its design....

The Young MkIV Rev.b does its best together with…

Van Der Graaf MkII
Low noise power supply to reach higher peaks of sound quality.
Power amplifier to drive speakers with clean power



PCM sampling frequencies:

44.1kHz to 768kHz

DSD sampling rates:

64x to 512x (native)
from 64x to 256x(DoP)

PCM Resolution:

16 to 32 bits


0.0008% @ 5Vrms on balanced output

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:

122 dBA (single-ended and balanced)

Output impedance:

100 Ohms (single-ended)
200 Ohms (balanced)

Input impedance:

47 kOhms (analog)
75 Ohms (S/PDIF)
110 Ohms (AES/EBU)
100 Ohms (I2S)

Full MQA decoding:

all inputs except Bluetooth

Bluetooth quality:


Inputs and Outputs


Single-ended analog (RCA)
Optical (Toslink)
USB 2.0 high-speed
I2S (HDMI, PS Audio standard)


Balanced analog (XLR)
Single-ended analog (RCA)
Headphones (6.35mm jack)

Trigger (3.5mm jack)


Dimensions and Weight


200x200x50mm (WxDxH)


net 2 kg (including ancillaries)
gross 2.5 kg


Output voltage:

2.5 Vrms or 5 Vrms (single-ended)
5 Vrms or 10 Vrms (balanced)
5.5 Vrms (headphones)
12 VDC (trigger)

Supply voltage:

15 VDC

Power cunsumption:

5.7 VA
0.15VA (standby)





Operating systems

Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Windows 11

(Update 06/07/2020)
Note: Depending on the antivirus, a false positive alarm for a Trojan virus may be generated during download or installation. If this happens, please temporarily disable the antivirus, install the driver and restart the antivirus.

Windows XP
Windows Vista

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