Classic DAC

Digital/analog converter

The ideal bridge between your digital sources and the amplifier

The Classic DAC is a digital/analog converter: it converts the music supplied by your digital sources (CD player, streamer, smartphone) and by your computer into an analog signal, which is what, suitably amplified by the amplifier, drives the loudspeakers .

It is equipped with a complete range of digital input connections, including a USB 2.0 port, an I2S port in PS Audio format and a Bluetooth© audio module, through which you can connect any source to the Classic DAC.

Its outputs, single-ended and balanced, allow you to connect it to any amplifier.

It is equipped with an infrared remote control and a Bluetooth Low Energy module through which it can be controlled from any smartphone thanks to the free app provided by M2Tech on the Apple Store and Google Play.

It is designed with great attention to the quality of signal transfer and with sound quality first in mind. Its USB interface is galvanically isolated from the computer’s USB bus and is powered by a local supply internal to the DAC. This prevents possible noise from the computer from affecting the sound quality. The output stages that transfer the signal from the integrated conversion circuit to the analog outputs are made with discrete component circuits making use of very high level components: film capacitors, anti-inductive resistors, low noise transistors. The section that generates the fundamental clocks for the conversion is made with very low phase noise quartz oscillators fed by a dedicated regulator, also with very low noise.

The Classic DAC supports PCM format from 44.1 kHz to 768 kHz, with resolution from 16 bit to 32 bit. It also supports DSD format from 64x to 512x in native and 64x to 256x in DoP.

It recognizes and decodes MQA© encoding on all wired inputs, while it recognizes and decodes aptX© HD encoding on the Bluetooth© connection.

M2Tech has adopted MQA to support Master quality playback and streaming. MQA is an innovative coding algorithm which captures the original quality of Master sound; “folds” the file into a smaller size for easy streaming or downloading; and authenticates the file when played on an MQA-enabled device.
M2Tech recognizes the sonic and technical benefits of MQA, therefore all M2Tech DAC products will include MQA in their format decoding pool.
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Download the Android or iOS app to control the Classic DAC

The Classic DAC works great together with…

Classic Amp
Power amplifier to drive the speakers at their best



Frequenze di campionamento PCM:

da 44.1 kHz a 768 kHz

Frequenze di campionamento DSD:

da 64x a 512x (nativo)
da 64x a 256x (DoP)

Risoluzione PCM:

da 16 a 32 bit


0.0008% @ 5Vrms uscita bilanciata

Rapporto Segnale/Rumore:

122 dBA (single-ended e bilanciato)

Impedenza di ingresso:

75 Ohm (S/PDIF)
110 Ohm (AES/EBU)
100 Ohm (I2S)

Sensibilità di ingresso:

0,5 Vpp (S/PDIF)
1 Vpp (AES/EBU)
0,5 Vpp (I2S)
5V (trigger)

Decodifica completa MQA:

su tutti gli ingressi eccetto Bluetooth©

Qualità bluetooth:

aptX, AAC HD


Ingressi e Uscite


Optical (2 x Toslink)
USB 2.0 high speed
I2S (HDMI, standard PS Audio)
Trigger (jack 3,5mm)


Analogica bilanciata (XLR)
Analogica single-ended (RCA)
Trigger (jack 3.5mm)


Dimensioni e Peso


420x350x120mm (LxPxH)


netto 4,0 kg (inclusi accessori)
lordo 5,5 kg


Tensione di uscita:

2.5 Vrms (single-ended)
5.0 Vrms (bilanciata)
12VDC (trigger)

Tensione di alimentazione:

100-130VAC o 200-240VAC

Consumo di energia:

35 VA
0.1 VA (standby)





Operating systems

Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8,1
Windows 10
Windows 11

(Updated 06/07/2020)
Note: Depending on the antivirus, a false positive alarm for a Trojan virus may be generated during download or installation. If this happens, please temporarily disable the antivirus, install the driver and restart the antivirus.

Windows XP
Windows Vista

(updated 07/29/2016)