Larson Class-A Monoblock Power Amplifier

Delicacy and thunder!


The Larson is a solid state pure Class-A power amplifier with the best qualities of a single-ended triode amplifier.

Its “quasi single-ended” circuitry, with low feedback and open-loop large bandwidth, delivers a fast, vivid and pinpoint detailed sound, with a free dynamic that gives listener the impression to be in front of a much more powerful amplifier despite the rated power 20Wrms on 8 Ohms.

Best suited to medium- or high-sensitivity speakers, the Larson will also make difficult speakers sing.

Whereas most of the claimed “Class-A” amplifier on the market actually are high bias class-AB designs, the Larson is a true Class-A amplifier.
In fact, its output transistors never switch off, whatever the output power or current.

Versatile and easy to use: single-ended and balanced inputs, trigger input/pass-through and nice universal posts for speakers accepting bare wire, bananas, spades, forks and lugs.

The elegant and compact design perfectly matches that of all other Rockstars products.

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Larson works great together with…

Young MkIV Preamplifier/DAC

…for an essential, high-end system.


Single-ended (RCA)
Balanced (female XLR)
Trigger (in/pass-through, 2 x jack 3.5mm)
Power (5.5/2.1mm jack)
Speaker (posts for bare wire, bananas, forks, spades, lugs)
Input impedance:
33 kOhms
20Wrms @ 8 Ohms, 40Wrms @ 4 Ohms, 30Wrms @ 2 Ohms
0.1% (full power, 8 Ohm)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
105dBA (full power, 1kHz)
Power Consumption:
Supply voltage:
220x210x220mm (wxdxh)
net 10.5kg (including ancillaries)
gross 11kg

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