HI-FI Choice

  To the attention of owners of Apple computers.
The driver for HiFace, HiFace Evo, Young and Vaughan is not currently compatible with the
new operating system Mavericks (OSX 10.9) due to a change in Apple protocol.
We are working on a solution but for now, it is recommended not to update to 10.9 it until M2TECH releases
a new driver or firmware update for the mentioned products. If you can stay on Apple OSX 10.8
or roll back to OSX 10.8 please do so.


384/32 D/A converter


High-speed asynchronous USB connection Oversampling filters with minimum pre-echo and phase linearity S/PDIF, AES/EBU, Toslink digital inputs Line level single-ended on RCA output connectors Encased in a stylish aluminium case.


Young is a high performance, very high value-for-money D/A converter capable of handling up to 384kHz sampling rate and 32 bits resolution (USB input). It features a high speed asynchronous USB input based on the hiFace technology, further developped to allow for higher sampling rates. A comprehensive input set (S/PDIF on RCA and BNC, AES/EBU on XLR and optical on Toslink) provide great connection versatility. Despite its price, Young encopasses a leading edge technology for data handling and processing. A high performance oversampling filter, custom-made on a programmable logic device (FPGA) implements minimum-phase filters optimized for sound quality which allow for a very low noise floor. A 32 bits -D/A integrated circuit is used in a non-conventional mode to allow for 768kHz internal operation. The synergy between the DAC IC and the custoim oversampler allows for exceptionally low noise floor and THD. The output buffer uses a special operational amplifier with very low noise and THD thanks to its class-A biased output stage. The small size and stylish look of the Young allow for a uninvasive placement in every living space.


Size: 200(w) x 50(h) x 200(d) mm
Weight: 1Kg approx.
Sampling Frequencies(kHz):
44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4*, 192*, 352.8**, 384**
Resolution: 16 up to 24 bit (S/PDIF, AES/EBU, optical), 16 to 32 bit (USB)
Frequency response: 10-20kHz +0.1/-0.5dB (fs = 44.1kHz)
10-90kHz +0.1/-0.1dB (fs=384kHz)
SNR: 121dB (A weighted, 192kHz, 24 bits, 20kHz bandwidth)
THD+N: 0.0003% (192kHz, 24 bits)
Inputs: 2 x S/PDIF (RCA and 75 Ohms BNC)
1x optical (Toslink)
1x USB (USB female Type B)
Output: single ended on RCA female
Output voltage: 2,65Vrms (7.5Vpp @ 0dBFS)
Supply voltage: 15V-18VDC
Supply current: 240mA@15V

*: not on Toslink
**: only USB



   User manual - German (PDF 1,6 MB)       Bedienungsanleitung YOUNG, Rev. 1.0.0.pdf      updated 16.02.2011
   User manual - English (PDF 1,1 MB)       Young user manual 1-0.pdf      updated 28.02.2011
   Manuale Utente - Italiano (PDF 1,1 MB)       Young manuale utente 1-0.pdf      updated 09.01.2012
   User manual - Japanese       http://www.m2tech.org/young.html      updated 19.04.2013


     Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8
(32 and 64 bit)
          youngw7-1.zip      737 KB  updated 24.03.2011
     XP & 2003           Youngxp-1.zip      737 KB  updated 24.03.2011
     10.6 Snow Leopard
10.7 Lion
10.8 Mountain Lion
          Young148MI106.dmg.zip      098 KB  updated 24.03.2011
     snd-usb-asyncaudio Linux compliant           github.com      updated 30.10.2012


immagine JPG      Diapason 10/2012 (french)           diapason_10_2012.pdf     
immagine JPG      hfx (english)           http://www.hfx.at/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=438&Itemid=206     
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immagine JPG      AV-Review (japanese)           AV-REVIEW.JPG     
immagine JPG      MJ 4/2011 (japanese)           MJ_YOUNG.PDF     
immagine JPG      AUDIO 4/2011 (german)           AUDIO_4-2011_YOUNG.pdf     
immagine JPG      nexthardware (italian)           NEXTHARDWARE_recensioni_m2tech-young.pdf     
immagine JPG      PC Audio FAN VOL.4 (japanese)           YOUNG.JPG     
immagine JPG      Kurt Larssen (danish)           kurt_larssen_young.pdf     
immagine JPG      Stereo Prestige and Image 4/2011 (french)           Young Stereo Prestige & Image 56 - Aprile 2011.pdf     
immagine JPG      Diapason 4/2011 (french)           Young Diapason 590 - Aprile 2011.jpg     
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immagine JPG      enjoythemusic.com (polish)           http://www.highfidelity.pl/@main-996&lang     
immagine JPG      "Highlight" award in Stereoplay issue 10/2011 (ipad)           http://itunes.apple.com/de/app/stereoplay/id432294021?mt=8     
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